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Acoustic Music, digitally!

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    Ragtime Movie Demo Page - Excellent Mpeg files!

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    MIDI Products Menu

    Click here to go to the Blue Grass Special Page

    Wonderful! Our Bluegrass Special. Must be seen in person, but MP3 files are available on the MP3 page. Plays 15 percussion instruments with Bass Guitar, Guitar and Banjo. Sounds great with rock, classic, blues, jazz and many other music forms.

    "Earls Breakdown" An mpeg of the Bluegrass special playing Bass Guitar, Banjo, Guitar and 15 drums. Around 10 MB Worth the wait. Click here to go to the Roll Operated Banjo and Roll operated Guitar page.

    Nickelodeons and Player Pianos Menu

    Calliopes and Band Organs Menu

    Popcorn Machines, automated and musical Menu

    Band Organ Vehicles Menu- for parades, circus etc.

    Kits for all our instruments Menu

    Accordion Units Menu

    Video Tapes

    Misc. Antiques Menu, Music boxes, old cars etc., watch for frequent changes.

    Ragtime Factory Tour Menu and Company History

    Pneumatic Train Whistles

    Monkey Organ, Street Organ Menu

    MIDI Music links

    MIDI Music Files For Ragtime Street Organs and Monkey Organs

    Ragtime parts, grading quide, kits and introduction. Menu for 24 pages taken from our printed catalog. Mostly black and white photos.


    Factory Phone (209) 735-0767

    Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time

    Click here to go to the Ragtime Home Page

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