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  • Monkey

    Monkey Organ, Grinder Organ, Street Organ

    This is our Model MO38 Grinder Monkey Organ. Because of the versatility of MIDI playback recorders, this is recomended in our MIDI version. It is however available in a roll playing model as well. Plays standard general MIDI files on 3 1/2" floppy discs. Down load and transpose MIDI files on the net, or just transpose any general MIDI file you can come up with. See our MIDI file link pages. See our page on MIDI theory of operation in the table of contents. Contains 38 calliope pipes, 12 volt gel cell system with charger and cord. Absolutely wonderful! Cranks for over 30 hours without a charge. Windows 95 compatible. Plays over 8 hours on battery without cranking. Plays continuously when charger is plugged in. Use any 12 volt DC battery charger with cord end provided. Price $16,950 in solid oak. 4 wheel cart with push handle $950.
    Click here for Mozart wave file of our MO38
    Click here for figaro wave file of our MO38
    Click here for MIDI files to download This is our 24 note portable monkey organ. The center leg is adjustable. Plays general MIDI files as well. Wireless available. Can be played from a keyboard off stage with the wireless MIDI system.

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    Canon ImageClass D660
    Canon ImageClass D660